Man, What A Hiatus!

Kaz, Randy and X are back! X’s car works now! After quickly catching up on the weather, we get you up to speed on the Useless Information™ you’ve been missing all this year! Wine Biz Radio, biting the hand that feeds it! Streams of consciousness bouncing from topic to topic! Tasting room confessions! You can’t believe what a year off does to three guys until you listen to this!


You Said “Fertigate”!

(NOTE: This is one of our “lost episodes” – shows from June to October, 2012, that Randy never got around to posting! But they’re here now, yay!)

X phones it in from the present (or a five second delay, anyway), Kaz and X talk suckering, Kaz and Randy drink one of X’s wines, and a rather lengthy detour to the island of Alameda for vodka, wine, auctions and dim sum! There’s no limit to the depth of Useless Information™ you can get from Wine Biz Radio!


Meet Dick Schwiebleim!

Randy has the most amazing voice, and Kaz phones it in!

The Worst Recording Ever Made

This is what happens when you think you’re recording off the mixer, but instead you’re recording off of the cheap built-in microphone on your digital audio workstation. A great big fail in the world of podcasting. But since the discussion is almost salvageable, what the heck.

For all of our podcast friends out there, this is how NOT to tape a podcast. If you ever hear a podcast like this, you shouldn’t listen to it.

If you don’t listen to ours, we understand!

Living Between Vines

The show welcomes (finally) Ray Fister from Life Between The Vines onto the show to discuss his show, radio and podcasting, and wine from Wisconsin!