Month: June 2008

What The Blazes is “Craic”?

Kaz has Twitter! And if that wasn’t enough for a show by itself, he and Randy welcome in a smoky, hazy Sonoma summer by having Sean Ludford of call in and describe his web site, while Randy scratches his head about what exactly is “craic” and why should we care.

More fun that ought to be legal, it’s Wine Biz Radio!

Invented Show #183

Randy waits for Kaz to sprint into the studio, and asks the first Wine Biz Radio Question of the Week! (you can leave your responses to the question here as comments, or go to their group on OpenWine Consortium). When Kaz does race in, they start in with a variety of current events, field questions from both Patrick and Genevieve Llerena of Iridesse Wines (on different calls, even), get questions from Twitter, review the schedule for the Wine Blogger Conference and otherwise enjoy themselves more than two radio hosts should be allowed to.

Enjoy the banter, get some info, and participate!

Red Car Boxcar White, In The Station For Tasting (WBW#46)

Kaz and Randy convene at Randy’s hillside ranch to taste their latest entry for this Wine Blogging Wednesday. They taste a 2006 Red Car Boxcar White (sorry, the Red Car website is all Flash-bound and doesn’t include notes on this specific wine), which is a blend of mostly Viognier, with the rest split between Roussanne and Marsanne. They both enjoy it, from the plastic cork to the frizzante to the melons and honeysuckle, despite that neither of them give a score. Dr. Debs would be even thrilled that this White Rhone costs less than $20! (Is that extra credit?)

Then Kaz and Randy go off on a myriad of tangents. It’s what they do.

It’s a ten minute jaunt through their taste buds, have a listen!

Sir Philip of Snooth and Bloggers of Wine, Unite!

Another fine Monday in Sonoma, with Kaz and Randy piloting the ship of fools on a sea of fancy. Or at least it’s two guys in a room talking into microphones. Anyhow, Philip James calls into the show from Snooth headquarters in New York to talk about the business, the name of the company, it’s recent birthday, and how the site works. Kaz works his nervous meter mojo on him, and Kaz and Randy field questions from Twitter, all without Kaz having an account there! Amazing!

Also, Joel Vincent of OpenWine Consortium phones us to fill everyone in with the pre-release announcement of the details for the upcoming Wine Bloggers Conference this October in Santa Rosa.

Add in some odds and ends, and you’ve got yourselves a show!

The Enigmatic James Crawford

Kaz and Randy once again host a full studio, with James Crawford of and Tom Wark (of Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog). James is evasive on his venture, to the point of invoking snipers and other talk of guns; otherwise, he is a capable salesman for Everett Ridge and Esterlina wineries, as well as the upcoming Association of African-American Vintners seminar at COPIA.

Tom mentions the Illinois wine shipping legislation that went into effect on June 1, with a tip to the wise that the Illinois government are likely already conducting sting operations to entrap wineries into shipping to Illinois without a permit. So, go get your Illinois permits, kids!

All that and more this week on Wine Biz Radio!