Month: August 2008

89 Twitter Spectators

An action-packed show today! After the pleasantries of Randy’s first mobile bottling line experience, he and Kaz settle into several current topics. First, they are joined by David Honig, creator of the 89 Project, to discuss the curse of wines not rated at least 90 by mainstream critics. He goes on to announce that WineQ will team up to give 89-point rated wines a second chance in the marketplace. Then they enjoy a conversation with Chicago Pinot (on his way to church) leading into a discussion of the Wine Spectator scandal, including a special appearance by Joe Roberts of, where he recounts his swim in the Wine Spectator Forum aka The Shark Tank. Finally, they talk about the Twitter Taste Live event of last week, hosted by Bin Ends and Winecast‘s Tim Elliot. Sonadora of Wannabe Wino calls in to recount her experience with the Twitter folks, but gives no hints to September’s Twitter Taste Live that she will co-host. No matter, this week’s show is a blockbuster!

  • Kaz’s mobile bottling line [link]
  • The 89 Project [link]
  • WineQ [link]
  • Chicago Pinot [link]
  • The source of the Wine Spectator scandal [link]
  • Tom Wark’s take on the scandal and what it might inspire [link]
  • Joe Roberts’ [link]
  • Twitter Taste Live [link]

Playing Catch-Up

After a couple weeks out of town, Kaz comes home and plays catch-up with Randy on several topics, some even wine-related! They chat about the Chicago scene with Doug from Chicago Pinot, discuss sparkling wine production, and talk with a random listener who wandered into the Talkshoe conference, curious about wine! Tons of upcoming event info and plans for the Wine Bloggers Conference this October round out this up-to-date episode of Wine Biz Radio. Enjoy!

  • Chicago Pinot [link]
  • Northern California Sparkling Wine Producers
  • The Wine Spies [link]
  • California Wine Events [link]
  • Wine Bloggers Conference [link]
  • Wine Biz Radio’s Talkshoe Conference Page [link]

The Legacy Of Dad’s Wine (WBW#48)

Belatedly, Randy and Kaz examine the winery and wine that Randy first remembered seeing his parents lay down in the hall closet all those many years ago. Following Lenn Thompson‘s fourth anniversary Wine Blogging Wednesday theme of “Back To Your Roots“, Randy and Kaz have a look at the Clos Du Val 2005 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Their opinions are high at first taste, but after the usual 20-minute break, watch out!

Mix in the usual Kaz and Randy shuck-and-jive, and you have yourself a good time!

  • Clos Du Val’s website [link]
  • Fact sheet for this wine [link]

Harvest Recollections and Talkshoe Dreams

While Kaz and Randy continue their “not doing it live on the air” thing, they produce a free-for-all show today with discussions of this year’s harvest while the Talkshoe Peanut Gallery chats at them about all and sundry. And then Randy’s hard disk runs out of space while recording the show.

It’s fun, it’s frivolous, it’s Wine Biz Radio!

Snooth, WITS, Iridesse (oh my!)

Randy atones for hitting the record button late in the latest of our Summertime pre-recorded show extravaganza! Philip James (“Sir Philip”) of Snooth joins Kaz and Randy on Talkshoe to discuss recent changes to their service, as well as a revisit of their site and what they’re up to.

In the second segment, the “Biodynamic Duo” riff on the latest goings on in Sonoma Valley and the wine world. And finally, Patrick Llerena of Iridesse Winery Consulting joins in, talking about our dear president’s food preferences in St. Helena, everyone’s take on the WITS conference last July, and what he’s up to in the Wine 2.0 space.

Another fine, fine episode for your listening pleasure! If you like it, tell a friend!

Mentions in this episode:

  • [link]
  • Iridesse Wines [link]
  • Iridesse Winery Consulting [link]
  • Oenophilus [link]