Month: December 2008

This Retrospective Needs A Retrospective

Randy is coming down with a head cold, but does that stop him? Nope! He wraps up 2008 with some final segments from October’s Wine Bloggers Conference, including the inspired words of Alice Feiring’s Saturday night speech. Have a listen, and we’ll see you in 2009!

  • Wine Bloggers Conference [link]
  • Philip James of Snooth [link] and [link]
  • Alice Feiring [link]
  • Judd Wallenbrock [link] and [link]
  • Dr. Xeno (aka Ward) of Winelog [link]

Wine Blogger Love!

It’s time for some wine blogger love! From the Wine Bloggers Conference in October, here are profiles of several wine bloggers kind enough to talk into our little black microphone. Take note of these players, they are among the up-and-coming influencers in the wine industry!

  • Wine Bloggers Conference [link]
  • California Life: Better Than Happy Hour [link]
  • Mutineer Magazine [link]
  • Travels With Wine [link]
  • Zephyr Adventures [link]
  • Chicago Pinot (and Other Favorites) [link]
  • Vinquire [link]
  • Luscious Lushes [link]
  • Brix Chicks [link]
  • El Bloggo Torcido [link]
  • Tempranillo Tango [link]
  • 1WineDude [link]
  • Wannabe Wino [link]

What You’ve All Been Waiting For, Part 2

Randy (sans Kaz) continues the Wine Bloggers Conference retrospective, with the audio of the mildly controversial blind tasting challenge, followed by the much-lauded keynote speech by the one and only Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV.

Cast of Characters:

  • Russ Beebe, the Wine Hiker [link]
  • Craig Camp of Wine Camp [link]
  • El Jefe of El Bloggo Torcido [link]
  • ¬†Shana Ray, the Wine Pourer [link]
  • Michelle Lentz of My Wine Education [link]
  • Michael Wangbickler of Caveman Wines [link]
  • Doug Cook of Able Grape [link]
  • Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV [link]
  • Randy’s kick-ass sister, who was smarter than Randy and actually recorded Gary’s keynote [link] and [link]

What You’ve All Been Waiting For, Part 1

December is here, and with it, perhaps the most awaited series of shows from Wine Biz Radio! It’s the Wine Bloggers Conference shows! Randy has finished messing with the audio and puts it up there, along with his occasionally lucid commentary, for your listening pleasure.

It starts with interviews with each of the sponsors of the conference, and ends with a brief chat with The One, The Only, The Gary Vee! Clamp on those headphones!

  • Cameron Hughes [link]
  • Snooth Pulse [link]
  • Vino Chapeau [link]
  • Wine Woot [link]
  • Vinfolio VinCellar [link]
  • Cruvee [link]
  • Tetrapak [link]
  • Winegrowers of Dry Creek [link]
  • Zephyr Adventures [link]
  • Some dude that does an obscure video show about wine [link]

By The Seat Of Their Pants

The last “live” show of 2008 shows Kaz and Randy hanging it out there, as wild and loose as ever. Join them as they field more questions from the Talkshoe peanut gallery and deliver the most refreshing and hilarious banter known in the wine talk radio world!

The Rant And Rave Show

Randy and Kaz riff on just about everything going on in the world of wine, even politics, with the usual Talkshoe peanut gallery in attendance. It’s another stream-of-consciousness extravaganza!