Month: September 2009

Invented Show #291

Kaz and Randy create a show out of thin air, seemingly like magic! They have Jason Mancebo of $20 Wine Blog and Grace Hoffman of Cellarmistress’ Cellar Talk on the line to talk about their blogs and the current state of things in the wine world!

Of Wine And Alligators

Palate Press LogoWhat a week! It’s the next installment of The Chronicles of Hardy (a.k.a. Living The Goode Life), followed by a great talk with David Honig and W.R. Tish of PALATE PRESS (don’t know why they shout their name, but they do) describing why the world needs an online magazine about wine!

It’s A Party, People!

Wine Biz Radio (along with Rick Bakas/St. Supéry and Kaz Winery) hosts a “Wine Country Tweetup” at the Kaz Winery for 40 lucky souls to come and enjoy good wine, excellent food, and even more excellent conversation!

Speaking of conversation, Kaz and Randy nabbed a handful of the participants to sit down with them and tell you what’s on their minds. It’s an amazing potluck of wine peeps!