A Skype-ly Interlude

Kaz reached through the Interwebs and talks with Randy about how things are going (or went, depending); Randy and X attend a wine conference with some big names and new faces!

Seriously, Kaz gives his first fishing update over Skype, and describes the ongoing process of recession survival for a small family-owned winery in these interesting times.

X and Randy attended the Nomacorc-sponsored (and very well attended) “Marketing to the Next Generation of Wine Drinkers” event held this week at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in St. Helena. Tons of new faces, and we talked to several of them!

Also included in the podcast is a little story about Gary V and Cornerstone from a recent Daily Grape episode and subsequent Twitter conversation that illustrates how best to engage your customers and keep it authentic. You’re welcome to watch and decide for yourself. And some excellent news along with a special Skype interview with Thea Dwelle about the Wine Bloggers’ Conference Scholarship!