Big Blue Kayak

Ward Kadel (a.k.a. Dr. XeNo)

Image via Ward Kadel

Say it five times fast…

Kaz is vacationing away in Baja while Randy and Boy toil away high atop the Kaz Winery. Ward Kadel (a.k.a. Dr. XeNo) Skype‘s in to talk about all of his goings-on, including kayaking up the Napa River, extolling the virtues of affordable Bordeaux to millennials, shooting tasting videos, and blogging about all of it every step of the way. A real blogger’s blogger, if you’re into that sort of thing!

Finally, we get Kaz (sort of) on the phone, only to find out he’s engaged in unspeakable acts with vinyl.

If this is what Kaz’s vacation is going to be like for the show, maybe we don’t let him come home!