Hardy Asks A Haunting Question

Why Worry About Social Media and Dominating the Millenials when Your Wine Sucks?

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While most are strategerizing about social media and how to target millenials with leftover 3rd label juice, a handful of people are still out making wine that tastes like this.


Sales of our third label are down, way down.  It is mindboggling, because the goofy-ass name we gave it did great in test markets-  Who doesn’t want a wine named Crazy Bear Charbono-nay— a tasty blend of smoke-tainted Charbono and stainless steel Chardonnay?  (More on Crazy Bear in coming posts).  The data said it was supposed to flow like energy drinks this year in the parking lots of the Nickleback tour we sponsored, but something went wrong– horribly wrong.  Now sales blames marketing, marketing blames production, production blames sales, and whoever the people are who are on the other side of the conference calls have now hired consultants that say “You need to turn on social media now, or Crazy Bear is farked!”

Heads ready to roll, we’ve set up killer twitter #hashtags (#crazybear), recruited thousands of “friends“, and started tweetin’ like a mother-clucker (even if they just RT stupid stuff, #crazybear is getting out there!) Soon everyone will be talking about Crazy Bear (The crazy wine that cares)!

In 3months Crazy Bear is going to be way on top- Getting guzzled by dudes on iPhones falling out of party buses shelling out hundos and coming to make it rain all up in your tasting room!  Because what the consultants tell us we need to realize is that lovers of Crazy Bear will soon grow and become lovers of our pricey main label– Bear Creek Ridgeline Springs (An exclusively bold wine for successful couples sophisticated indulgence, for sharing with other like-minded, but not quite as successful couples). 

It is a good thing that It is hot as balls down at Bear Creek Ridgeline Springs, because to score big and get that cheddar, you’ve got let those balls hang.  Lovers of Crazy Bear relate to that and it is just a matter of tweets and moving out of their parents house before they cross the line…

Crazy Bear Wine on Twitter

Hardy can play wild-and-loose sometimes, but despite the hilarious post he’s written, the underlying question is insightful and compelling. It’s all well and good that you spend exorbitant amounts of money on selling your product; but if your product is terrible, sub-standard, or just plain lousy, should you really be worried about taking a “bleeding-edge” approach to marketing and selling it, rather than just relabeling it as paint thinner?

The moral of the story: as a business, please don’t get swept away in the euphoria of social media (which, by the way, feels frickin’ AWESOME) without having a product that you’re passionate about marketing or selling and that is WORTH marketing or selling to a receptive audience. To do anything less will inevitably backfire on you.

And seriously, don’t mess with Crazy Bear Wine. These guys are going to crush it. Just you wait.

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  1. March 12, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    Thanks Randy and Kaz! You guys get it!

    At the core, you need wine, good wine.

    #crazybear is coming on strong. Thanks for the shout out

  2. March 12, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    Dude, your Kung Pao is so very, very spicy! We cower at your approach, we tremble under your withering gaze.

    Hey, how about a session, you and us? It would sound!

  3. August 14, 2011 at 7:48 am

    As in Hardy’s “Friends Beyond,” the dead talk to
    us: “One step and we // went … A haunting nod to the generation
    poems seals the vision: “Her mother must …

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