Mickey Slumburger

Jim Morris Enjoys Burning Man 2010Yes, it is hard to pronounce.

Jim Morris, marketing gasbag for Michel-Schlumberger (think Michelle Shlum-ber-zhay) and beloved friend of the show sits in the hot seat for the evening and unknowingly or unwittingly reveals all the best social media how-to’s for a winery. Granted, nobody has the unique winery experience that Michel-SchlumbergerM-S offers, and Jim’s efforts are just the front-end of what really is a cohesive and remarkably effective direct-to-consumer business plan. How else do you explain a remarkable increase in wine club membership during the worst economy in a generation?

We also talk about the M-S harvest luncheons which are happening right now!

Listen and learn, kids. Listen and learn…

And for you video lovers, here’s our USTREAM video of Jim’s visit on the show: