Tag: 2012

The year was two thousand and twelve…

Big Bright Ball Of Climate Change

Kaz yammers on about all the cool people we will have come visit us in 2012. Randy talks about what raw milk has in common with the wine industry. And somewhat unintentionally, Kaz and Randy play with the electric third rail of climate change.

Booze Up For Love

Kaz and X get things started without Randy, using a cleverly constructed simulacrum thereof (picture forthcoming). They discuss a recent CANVAS event (think speed dating for small businesses) in Napa, and boy is Kaz excited! You might also get an idea of wine for the big V-day coming up.

Drinks For The Apocalypse

The boys catch up with Sean Ludford of BevX and come up with the ultimate beverage story idea of 2012! Later, they get Hardy Wallace on the line to talk about the continuing evolution of one of the wine industries most interesting people, bar none.