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A Little Slice of 2010

It’s finally our “best of 2010” episode! After agonizing deliberations and countless committee meetings to go over the clips that would be aired, our esteemed judges came up with the following. Make sure to listen and reminisce!

The Wine You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Ben Simons, the creator of Vinotology and all-around nice chap, comes to pay homage to the Kaz Studios and his favorite wine talk show. What Kaz, Randy and X weren’t expecting was that he was going to bring surprisingly good wine from Lubbock, Texas!

And X’s ongoing series of “G.O. Wines That Don’t Suck“, two whites and a red! It’s Wine-tastic Talk Radio!

Sweet Like Fine Muscadine Wine

Randy is out for the week, and Kaz and X forge ahead! When they’re not cracking wise about tasting room dress codes (or lack thereof), they’re tasting wine! They taste both a dry and sweet Muscadine wine, and even take a moment to chat about the Muscadine grape itself. There’s even a plug for Ben Simons of Vinotology to help achieve escape velocity from the bustling metropolis of Lubbock, Texas.

Eric Luse of Eric Ross Winery returns to have another go at enduring the withering interview stylings of Kaz and X!