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Wine Biz Radio: November 12, 2007

Randy is off sipping wine in Santa Rosa, while Kaz has Tom Wark (of Wark Communications and Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog) in the studio to talk about the ever changing landscape of the wine industry, including the “corporatization” of wine, and whether that’s a bad thing or not. Kaz does the hat trick for uses for Coca-Cola, especially the “dissolve a steak in Coke” one. Listen up, it’s packed with good things to know!

Wine Biz Radio: November 5, 2007

Long overdue, this episode shows Randy’s command of the “um” and “uh” sounds as he faces the possibility of hosting the show by himself this week. Then Kaz races in and all is well, except that he keeps on with the non-beverage uses of Coca-Cola. Let the drama unfold for your ears as once again we bring you the variety of wine information you can only get from the epicenter of the California wine industry!