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October 15, 2007 – Crushing Hard

Kaz forgets his notes, Randy leaves The Book at home, but we still manage to pull it off. Today we have Eric Arnold (author of First Big Crush) call in and fill us in on the inside story of becoming a cellar rat in New Zealand’s Marlborough wine region. Also Randy’s longtime school buddy Scott calls in and gets to hang with Kaz on the air. Good times. Hey, we also talk about wine too, have a listen!

October 8, 2007 – The Invention of Online Wine Tasting

Kaz and Randy have Tom Wark (of Wark Communications) come to visit. The weather gets predicted, The Book gets reviewed, Randy retches about liver-oyster-mushroom-eggplant casserole, podcasts as Chia pets, Josie Gay of Heart of Sonoma Valley promotes this weekend’s Spotlight on Zinfandel event, as well as previewing next spring’s Barrel Tasting. Kaz officially invents online wine tasting (just lick your monitor), and you get all the latest news you’ve come to expect from Wine Biz Radio.

October 1, 2007 – Don’t Lose Your Headphones

Randy loses his headphones, Kaz channels Don Rickles, the Kaz Family Wine Competition is announced, and we throw information at your ears as quickly as our lips can move. And no, we don’t “get to the book.” That’ll be next week.