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We Put The Heart In Sonoma Valley

Before tweetups and meetups and facebook-ups and such, there were old-fashioned industry mixers. Wine Biz Radio was fortunate to be taping during one held at the Kaz Winery, and you all benefit! Interviews galore!

As an added bonus, Randy leaves in the middle of the show, and it gets even busier after that! Listen to the parade of wineries!

Sweet Like Fine Muscadine Wine

Randy is out for the week, and Kaz and X forge ahead! When they’re not cracking wise about tasting room dress codes (or lack thereof), they’re tasting wine! They taste both a dry and sweet Muscadine wine, and even take a moment to chat about the Muscadine grape itself. There’s even a plug for Ben Simons of Vinotology to help achieve escape velocity from the bustling metropolis of Lubbock, Texas.

Eric Luse of Eric Ross Winery returns to have another go at enduring the withering interview stylings of Kaz and X!

S-Bombs Everywhere

Kaz goes the distance to ensure that Boy gets to learn how to edit out bad words from our program! And watch Randy lose his cool, it’s a rare episode!

Amy Gardner, wine industry recruiter with WineTalent.net joins the boys over Skype to discuss her corner of the industry, with some really cool information for anybody who is either looking to land that plum wine industry job, or who’s looking to hire that wine industry job!

Then as an added surprise, Eric Luse of Eric Ross Winery in Glen Ellen shows up to chat about wine and photography and complimenting us on our taste in radio studios!

Make sure to pick up Russ Beebe‘s Zozi deal this week (San Francisco area) of 51% off one of his awesome wine hikes! Better yet, tell all your friends!