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Rhône-ing Of The Bulls

Somehow, Kaz goes from being in Mexico to being in the studio in a matter of mere moments. Christophe goes from being in the studio, to having disappeared, and everyone seems okay with it. O, the magic of radio!

Anyway, Faith Wells of Hospice du Rhône comes back on to discuss the upcoming 2011 Hospice du Rhône edition, themed “So You Think You Can Rhône?” She also talks about their updated iRhône iPhone app, #Grenache and #Syrah Day events (both past and future) and generally spreads her cheer all over the airwaves!

And for those patient souls who wondered about the video Kaz and Randy discussed near the end of the show, you now have the answer.

Go For The Bowling

Hospice du Rhône 2010

Boy is back, and Kaz and Randy rejoice by inviting Sondra Bernstein (of The Girl And The Fig) and Faith Wells (of Hospice du Rhône) into the studio to talk about the upcoming HdR event! Lots of other events popping up all around as well. Heck, it’s just that time of year, people!

As one listener says, it’s “reDONKulous“!