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The Tireless Trio’s Triumphant Turnaround

Kaz, Randy and X are baaaack! In the first of the post-radio episodes, we *completely* ignore all sensible radio clock formats and just keep on going. Seriously, we need a clock.

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The Wine You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Ben Simons, the creator of Vinotology and all-around nice chap, comes to pay homage to the Kaz Studios and his favorite wine talk show. What Kaz, Randy and X weren’t expecting was that he was going to bring surprisingly good wine from Lubbock, Texas!

And X’s ongoing series of “G.O. Wines That Don’t Suck“, two whites and a red! It’s Wine-tastic Talk Radio!

Playing Catch-Up

A quiet week, except for the fact that Kaz, Randy and X are all yammering at the same time!

The WBR trio catches you up on the latest goings on, including the continuing “Walla Walla Grocery Outlet” finds (now several weeks old and having sat in a hot car for a couple days — but you’d be pleased at the results). They answer the question posed last week of “is there another AVA that crosses state lines”, the answer (or answers, as it were) will surprise you. And a further discussion of H.R. 5034 and what it means to small and mid-sized wineries. It’s all that, and so much more, just have a listen.

Get your wine on, people, it’s Wine Biz Radio time!