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H.R. 5034 Is Dead, Here Comes H.R. 1161

Kaz, Randy and X discuss the remarkable similarity between H.R. 5034 (last year’s distributor-led legislation to assert primacy of the 21st Amendment over the Commerce Clause) and H.R. 1161 (this year’s distributor-led legislation to assert primacy of the 21st Amendment over the Commerce Clause).

A Little Slice of 2010

It’s finally our “best of 2010” episode! After agonizing deliberations and countless committee meetings to go over the clips that would be aired, our esteemed judges came up with the following. Make sure to listen and reminisce!

Liquid Raisins

Kaz, Randy and X enjoy a brief “gangs-all-here” moment, then it’s off to the usual banter! Tom Wark comes to visit and talks about the latest with H.R. 5034 as well as the International Pinot Noir Celebration, finishing with his take on where the best place to situate a social media effort.

X provides the usual levity by wearing his fall colors wardrobe and bringing us some liquid raisins to drink! What’s liquid raisin, you ask? Well, you’ll have to listen (or watch) to find out!

Playing Catch-Up

A quiet week, except for the fact that Kaz, Randy and X are all yammering at the same time!

The WBR trio catches you up on the latest goings on, including the continuing “Walla Walla Grocery Outlet” finds (now several weeks old and having sat in a hot car for a couple days — but you’d be pleased at the results). They answer the question posed last week of “is there another AVA that crosses state lines”, the answer (or answers, as it were) will surprise you. And a further discussion of H.R. 5034 and what it means to small and mid-sized wineries. It’s all that, and so much more, just have a listen.

Get your wine on, people, it’s Wine Biz Radio time!

Comprehensive Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness

U.S. Capitol

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Just in case you CARE’d to know, we have SWRA executive director Tom Wark (also of Wark Communications and Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog) come on and give his take about H.R. 5034, the bill that some predict would bring an end to direct wine shipments. As counter-point, we have comments from Craig Wolf, president and CEO of the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America, who weighs in on why he believes keeping state regulation of alcohol out of the courts is a good thing.

Propaganda flying back and forth at a furious pace! It’s politics! It’s passion! All that and Facebook fan pages too!

To finish, we slot in the second Dave Homewood interview from the Carneros show last week!