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The Overstuffed Show

You’d never believe how much show you can cram into an hour! This week, we don’t talk to one, but three different ladies about their part of the wine trade!

First is Jineen from Napa Valley Wine Country Tours [www.winecountrylimos.com] to talk about the luxury limo business; then it’s Colby Smith of CANVAS [www.conciergealliancenv.com] with an announcement; and finally Josie Gay of Heart of Sonoma Valley/HOSVA [www.heartofsonomavalley.com] talking about the upcoming Savor Sonoma wine and food event in Sonoma Valley later this month!

Live From The Kaz Barn

The fearsome trio do a live remote broadcast from the Kaz Winery while a Heart of Sonoma Valley mixer/potluck is in progress!

A Little Slice of 2010

It’s finally our “best of 2010” episode! After agonizing deliberations and countless committee meetings to go over the clips that would be aired, our esteemed judges came up with the following. Make sure to listen and reminisce!

We Put The Heart In Sonoma Valley

Before tweetups and meetups and facebook-ups and such, there were old-fashioned industry mixers. Wine Biz Radio was fortunate to be taping during one held at the Kaz Winery, and you all benefit! Interviews galore!

As an added bonus, Randy leaves in the middle of the show, and it gets even busier after that! Listen to the parade of wineries!

Live Goat Tummy Fermentations

Image of goat with all kinds of freaky callouts labelling anatomical features

Image via Propartganda

A sickening title to be sure, but you gotta pick the low-hanging fruit, people!

Tom Wark comes in and talks all about the latest in the war over direct shipment of wine. Also, Kaz and Randy experiment with calling Josie Gay over and over to talk about this weekend’s Savor Sonoma event in the Kenwood and Glen Ellen area.

More information than you can ferment in a live goat tummy. We mean it!

October 8, 2007 – The Invention of Online Wine Tasting

Kaz and Randy have Tom Wark (of Wark Communications) come to visit. The weather gets predicted, The Book gets reviewed, Randy retches about liver-oyster-mushroom-eggplant casserole, podcasts as Chia pets, Josie Gay of Heart of Sonoma Valley promotes this weekend’s Spotlight on Zinfandel event, as well as previewing next spring’s Barrel Tasting. Kaz officially invents online wine tasting (just lick your monitor), and you get all the latest news you’ve come to expect from Wine Biz Radio.