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Subliminal Misinformation

The NPA Tasting Room

Image via TheNPA.tv

Some days you’re on the money, other days doing a Google search on “TAPAS Grand Tasting” burns you bad, baby… (Note: the Grand Tasting is actually June 5th, not the 14th as you might hear on the show)

In the ongoing “Where’s Kaz?” series of shows, we manage to bring Kaz into the 21st century by getting him on Skype(!) to talk about what a great time he’s having without us down in Mexico.

And Hardy Wallace is in the hot seat, talking about The NPA‘s new tasting room opened only one week ago to riotous success (no, really)! Oh, and we drag out some of Kaz’s really, really old wines (the oldest is about 19 years) to see how they’re holding up. Let’s just say, “drink the whites”.

Then Randy forgets a vocabulary word as he tries to use the power of his (feeble?) mind (and his snapping finger, and a most peculiar sound) to get folks to vote for the 2010 Wine Blog Awards (voting open until Sunday, May 30)!