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Mickey Slumburger

Jim Morris Enjoys Burning Man 2010Yes, it is hard to pronounce.

Jim Morris, marketing gasbag for Michel-Schlumberger (think Michelle Shlum-ber-zhay) and beloved friend of the show sits in the hot seat for the evening and unknowingly or unwittingly reveals all the best social media how-to’s for a winery. Granted, nobody has the unique winery experience that Michel-SchlumbergerM-S offers, and Jim’s efforts are just the front-end of what really is a cohesive and remarkably effective direct-to-consumer business plan. How else do you explain a remarkable increase in wine club membership during the worst economy in a generation?

We also talk about the M-S harvest luncheons which are happening right now!

Listen and learn, kids. Listen and learn…

This Retrospective Needs A Retrospective

Randy is coming down with a head cold, but does that stop him? Nope! He wraps up 2008 with some final segments from October’s Wine Bloggers Conference, including the inspired words of Alice Feiring’s Saturday night speech. Have a listen, and we’ll see you in 2009!

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