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The 800 lb. Gorilla of the northern California Wine industry. Or a great manufacturer of auto parts. You pick.

The Tireless Trio’s Triumphant Turnaround

Kaz, Randy and X are baaaack! In the first of the post-radio episodes, we *completely* ignore all sensible radio clock formats and just keep on going. Seriously, we need a clock.

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Man, What A Hiatus!

Kaz, Randy and X are back! X’s car works now! After quickly catching up on the weather, we get you up to speed on the Useless Information™ you’ve been missing all this year! Wine Biz Radio, biting the hand that feeds it! Streams of consciousness bouncing from topic to topic! Tasting room confessions! You can’t believe what a year off does to three guys until you listen to this!


You Said “Fertigate”!

(NOTE: This is one of our “lost episodes” – shows from June to October, 2012, that Randy never got around to posting! But they’re here now, yay!)

X phones it in from the present (or a five second delay, anyway), Kaz and X talk suckering, Kaz and Randy drink one of X’s wines, and a rather lengthy detour to the island of Alameda for vodka, wine, auctions and dim sum! There’s no limit to the depth of Useless Information™ you can get from Wine Biz Radio!


It’s For The Brains, People

No, not zombie-inflicted brain hunger, but a charity for mental health! From the IMHO (International Mental Health Organization) web site:

The Staglin Music Festival for Mental Health is America’s top mental health fundraising event. Proceeds fund research aimed to find better treatments and, someday, cures for the “Big 3” brain disorders: schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depression.

No kidding, these guys raised over $3 million this last weekend at the benefit, and to date they’ve helped to raise over $135 million, which is NOT chump change!

Kaz and X reminisce about the event, and we listen in on several informative and interesting interviews with them at the festival, as we quaff Napa Cabernet.

Altitude Sickness

Kaz and Randy have moved upstairs to the rarefied air of the new Kaz Studios, and boy the view is spectacular! Joe Roberts the 1WineDude phones it in to talk about his experience at the Wine Writers’ Symposium last week in Napa, as well as the Premiere Napa Valley trade auction. And it’s lovingly coated in a healthy dollop of Kaz and Randy, to make it extra delicious!