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H.R. 5034 Is Dead, Here Comes H.R. 1161

Kaz, Randy and X discuss the remarkable similarity between H.R. 5034 (last year’s distributor-led legislation to assert primacy of the 21st Amendment over the Commerce Clause) and H.R. 1161 (this year’s distributor-led legislation to assert primacy of the 21st Amendment over the Commerce Clause).

A Little Slice of 2010

It’s finally our “best of 2010” episode! After agonizing deliberations and countless committee meetings to go over the clips that would be aired, our esteemed judges came up with the following. Make sure to listen and reminisce!


For our first real show of 2011, Kaz and crew have Tom Wark (Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog and Wark Communications) on to visit about the latest challenges with direct shipping and out-of-state wine retailer sales. Then they go on to make wild predictions for the 2011 wine industry. We promise to check them at the end of the year and find out which of us is Nostradamus!

Pay extra attention to the second break, where Tom describes a special offer to the very next sponsor that we sign up to support WBR! Thanks Tom!

Liquid Raisins

Kaz, Randy and X enjoy a brief “gangs-all-here” moment, then it’s off to the usual banter! Tom Wark comes to visit and talks about the latest with H.R. 5034 as well as the International Pinot Noir Celebration, finishing with his take on where the best place to situate a social media effort.

X provides the usual levity by wearing his fall colors wardrobe and bringing us some liquid raisins to drink! What’s liquid raisin, you ask? Well, you’ll have to listen (or watch) to find out!

Comprehensive Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness

U.S. Capitol

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Just in case you CARE’d to know, we have SWRA executive director Tom Wark (also of Wark Communications and Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog) come on and give his take about H.R. 5034, the bill that some predict would bring an end to direct wine shipments. As counter-point, we have comments from Craig Wolf, president and CEO of the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America, who weighs in on why he believes keeping state regulation of alcohol out of the courts is a good thing.

Propaganda flying back and forth at a furious pace! It’s politics! It’s passion! All that and Facebook fan pages too!

To finish, we slot in the second Dave Homewood interview from the Carneros show last week!

Live Goat Tummy Fermentations

Image of goat with all kinds of freaky callouts labelling anatomical features

Image via Propartganda

A sickening title to be sure, but you gotta pick the low-hanging fruit, people!

Tom Wark comes in and talks all about the latest in the war over direct shipment of wine. Also, Kaz and Randy experiment with calling Josie Gay over and over to talk about this weekend’s Savor Sonoma event in the Kenwood and Glen Ellen area.

More information than you can ferment in a live goat tummy. We mean it!