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Man, What A Hiatus!

Kaz, Randy and X are back! X’s car works now! After quickly catching up on the weather, we get you up to speed on the Useless Information™ you’ve been missing all this year! Wine Biz Radio, biting the hand that feeds it! Streams of consciousness bouncing from topic to topic! Tasting room confessions! You can’t believe what a year off does to three guys until you listen to this!


A Wine With Sausage

Randy and Christophe embark on a whirlwind review of last week’s Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, including interviews with some of the most interesting exhibitors! They also taste a Finger Lakes Riesling and a Spatburgunder that could clear the room with its aroma!

Don’t miss it, it’s fast and furious, despite Kaz’s persistent absence!

After the break, the Cover It Live chat and Twitter transcript!

Wine Biz Radio: October 29, 2007

Kaz and Randy are determined to stuff your head full of all the latest wine news and information, because they are (or at least claim to be) the Encyclopedia of Useless Information! Also, Wine Biz host emeritus Eric Aho calls in from the retirement chateau to ask about wine competition and scruples.