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Reunited At Last

Kaz, Randy and X enjoy each others in-person company for the first time in weeks. Let ‘s see if they can keep it up, along with a helpful dose of vineyard news and current events!

How About That Weather?

Kaz and Randy discuss the weather and its implications on the 2011 harvest.

October 8, 2007 – The Invention of Online Wine Tasting

Kaz and Randy have Tom Wark (of Wark Communications) come to visit. The weather gets predicted, The Book gets reviewed, Randy retches about liver-oyster-mushroom-eggplant casserole, podcasts as Chia pets, Josie Gay of Heart of Sonoma Valley promotes this weekend’s Spotlight on Zinfandel event, as well as previewing next spring’s Barrel Tasting. Kaz officially invents online wine tasting (just lick your monitor), and you get all the latest news you’ve come to expect from Wine Biz Radio.