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Drinking What You Like

Randy is absent, but Kaz and X soldier on as if he was never part of the show. Riiiight. Moving on.

Frank Morgan, whose brainchild Drink What You Like wine blog reads like a who’s-who in the Virginia wine scene, comes in-person to preview the Virginia area and what our blogger buddies can start to expect when next year’s Wine Bloggers Conference lands in Charlottesville, Virginia in July. He also brings (thanks to John C. “Lifesaver” Witherspoon) a sampling of Virginia wines and ciders for the boys to try out. Give this little gem a listen!

You Can Call Him ‘Mister X’

Boy decides that one syllable is not nearly sufficient to describe him, so he picks a letter instead!

The gang discusses the recent Wine Bloggers Conference in Walla Walla, and catches up on all the latest goings-on at Kaz’s little winery. Glue it together with the usual fun that Kaz, Randy and the newly minted X bring, and you’ve got a show!

Listen for the special quiz about multi-state AVA’s!

What You’re Missing Out On

All of us are at the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference! However, most likely, you’re not!

While we’re off, we talked with Reno Walsh of Zephyr Adventures to outline and talk about what we’re doing in Walla Walla without you!

This Retrospective Needs A Retrospective

Randy is coming down with a head cold, but does that stop him? Nope! He wraps up 2008 with some final segments from October’s Wine Bloggers Conference, including the inspired words of Alice Feiring’s Saturday night speech. Have a listen, and we’ll see you in 2009!

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