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Mind-Bending Continuity Errors

Kaz, Randy and X bemoan their stomach aches from overeating on Thanksgiving. Then suddenly X either teleports or time-travels to the San Diego Bay Food & Wine Festival, and is unceremoniously replaced by a present or future version of Ashley V. Routson (aka “The Beer Wench” aka “Wenchie” aka “Being Of Pure Id“), after which they communicate with X either by seance or by battery-powered time-machine communicator. You pick.

Podcast listeners get the full version of the seance/time-machine communication with X in San Diego. You’re welcome.

The Hospitality of Rams

Jason Ghiselin, Executive Director of the verbosely named Hospitality de los Carneros, comes to visit the boys and talk about their imminent holiday wine event, Holiday in Carneros!