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A Rolling Cornerstone

Craig Camp, general manager of Cornerstone Cellars and proprietor of the Wine Camp Blog (and long-time friend of the show), comes for a year-end visit with Kaz, Randy and X! Feel the love! They discuss the history of the winery, as well as their recent success, in traditional wine press as well as new digital sales channels.

Disclosure: Cornerstone Cellars is a sponsor of Wine Biz Radio. But you all knew that already, didn’t you?

Telling The Winery’s Story

Bret Lyman of B.Napa comes in to discuss with Kaz, Randy and X the finer points of what it takes to produce wine films (not just videos) and, even though you can’t see the videos on radio, they are a sight to behold! Listen to find out about the other end of the media production spectrum, where people pay top dollar for top talent and skills that can make a lasting connection between a wine brand and their consumers.

Drinking What You Like

Randy is absent, but Kaz and X soldier on as if he was never part of the show. Riiiight. Moving on.

Frank Morgan, whose brainchild Drink What You Like wine blog reads like a who’s-who in the Virginia wine scene, comes in-person to preview the Virginia area and what our blogger buddies can start to expect when next year’s Wine Bloggers Conference lands in Charlottesville, Virginia in July. He also brings (thanks to John C. “Lifesaver” Witherspoon) a sampling of Virginia wines and ciders for the boys to try out. Give this little gem a listen!

The Wine You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Ben Simons, the creator of Vinotology and all-around nice chap, comes to pay homage to the Kaz Studios and his favorite wine talk show. What Kaz, Randy and X weren’t expecting was that he was going to bring surprisingly good wine from Lubbock, Texas!

And X’s ongoing series of “G.O. Wines That Don’t Suck“, two whites and a red! It’s Wine-tastic Talk Radio!

What Three Guys Do Without A Guest

The best radio producer in the world (or at least in the Kaz Studios) can’t win them all. When the guest we thought we were going to have can’t make it, it’s up to Kaz, Randy and X to come up with something interesting to talk about. They apparently did a good job!

X brings a couple bottles of “mystery wine” that Kaz and Randy try to identify, and they discuss several upcoming events and recent news items. Useless information, you say? You got that right, but it’s still the most entertaining hour of wine radio you’ll find!

Liquid Raisins

Kaz, Randy and X enjoy a brief “gangs-all-here” moment, then it’s off to the usual banter! Tom Wark comes to visit and talks about the latest with H.R. 5034 as well as the International Pinot Noir Celebration, finishing with his take on where the best place to situate a social media effort.

X provides the usual levity by wearing his fall colors wardrobe and bringing us some liquid raisins to drink! What’s liquid raisin, you ask? Well, you’ll have to listen (or watch) to find out!