Taking a Breather

Yes, we realize that you’re expecting to see a new show right now. Sorry to disappoint, but…

In short: we are in the midst of regrouping. As our regular listeners might observe, we have been playing a very seat-of-the-pants production the last few months. Much of this is due to events outside of Wine Biz Radio. The bottom line is that based on what’s going on right now, WBR is going to take a week or two to collect our collective thoughts, and come back in May with more energy and verve (and very likely a slightly different format) than you could ever expect from three guys talking into little metal cans.

Many thanks to our sponsor Cornerstone Cellars for their ongoing support during times of transition and strife, and we will be back with you guys sooner than you can shake your moneymaker! Please support them in return for their awesomeness and let them know that Wine Biz Radio is worth it!