October 22, 2007 – The Great American Wine Blog

Kaz and Randy get chatty about Randy’s grape harvest, the Great American Beer Festival, and they bring all the best wine blog info to your ears this week.

Mentions in this episode:

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  1. Joe
    October 25, 2007 at 6:56 pm

    Hi Guys, thanks for picking up my adventure. A few comments:

    1) Sorry I missed your place, Kaz. My first day took an unexpected Napa detour when I got an invite from the Luna winemaker to visit – I was going to hit all of the Kenwood/Glen Ellen stuff that day. I guarantee a visit next time ’round.
    2) I wish I was drunk when those punks lightened up my wallet, but I had to take that incident mildly buzzed after a half-bottle of Bella. And I was not comp’ed a dinner!
    3) Yes, most of the wineries were the bigger names, but I tried to stop at a few smaller names as well – Bella, Unti and Verite are not the big wineries with the bus tours going through. The problem is I am terribly disorganized, so calling ahead and booking appointments seems like a pain in the butt – our whole schedule was made up on the fly.

    Thanks for the plug – I have added a link to this site under “Wine Media”. Yep, that’s you, above Parker I might add….PS – where did you get that T-Shirt?

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