Wine Biz Radio: December 3, 2007

Kaz wants to play hard core rock, Randy wants to talk about Syrah Decline, and then goes on a rant about Wine 2.0 and the rift between users and ex-users. They also close by talking about womens’ taste buds and Clark Smith’s article about making crappy wine good. More information than your poor ears can handle, we double DOG dare you to listen!

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  1. Cheryl and Inger
    December 18, 2007 at 5:12 pm

    The Robinson you were discussing is Jancis and she is a Master of Wine from England.
    We agree to a certain extent with the comments you were making about the Napa Valley Register article “men are from Parker, women are from Robinson”. Ms. Robinson tends to write about a wine experience, rather than assigning numbers to wines. Robert Parker with his rating system feeds the mentality of those who like baseball stats. Its all about the numbers.

  2. January 16, 2008 at 11:37 am

    RE: Your question

    Thanks for the question guys. Sorry we were unable to answer you in a timely fashion! As you may know, wine blogging is not the primary job for most people and our blog was a playful extension of the short-lived online wine magazine

    The good news is the blog remains and the editors were able to take advantage of a number of opportunities that arose because of the blog and the site.

    Executive editor, Jennifer Frank is currently writing a wine book for Penguin Publishing’s Alpha Books division called “Wine: At Your Fingertips.” While, I can be seen (good or bad) in the upcoming PBS show “The Wine Makers.” For those that may be interested there is a You Tube trailer up on the blog.

    Finally, our lessons learned from our days on the web have actually pushed Jennifer and I back into the “real world” with a brick and mortar store hopefully opening in Lower Manhattan in the near future. But fear not as we will also be selling wine online through the store’s website at

    Again, thanks for mentioning our blog in your piece.


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