We’ve Got “Kufflotkees”(sp?)

Kaz coins (or rather, ‘koins’) a new word for web links, and Wine Biz Radio has it’s craziest and most interactive show ever, and Kaz and Randy get to talk to a lot of cool folks.

  1. A very nice lady calls in about the Salamander Festival [link] this August 24th in Santa Rosa.We’ll forgive them their web site skills;
  2. A very nice call from Domino Amjet [link] pimping the upcoming Wine Industry Technology Symposium (WITS) [link] July 14th and 15th in Napa;
  3. ChicagoPinot [link] (a wine blogger on the scene in Chicago, just getting started) calls in wondering if she should go to the Wine Bloggers Conference [link] this October 24-26 in Santa Rosa.
  4. A friendly call from William of Wine & Spirits Jobs.com [link], with a new feature: Wine Industry Job Listing Of The Week! Here’s the first one: [link]
  5. A friend of Kaz’s from Newport Beach calls in briefly with a weather report, and is quickly followed by:
  6. A nice fellow named John, who works at a repair shop in eastern Sonoma, but makes wine for himself on the side;
  7. And finally, Rick Bakas of Culination [link] calls in to see if he won a prize!

It’s a record for a one-hour call-in talk show in Sonoma! And it’s a top ten Wine Biz Radio episode!