Snooth, WITS, Iridesse (oh my!)

Randy atones for hitting the record button late in the latest of our Summertime pre-recorded show extravaganza! Philip James (“Sir Philip”) of Snooth joins Kaz and Randy on Talkshoe to discuss recent changes to their service, as well as a revisit of their site and what they’re up to.

In the second segment, the “Biodynamic Duo” riff on the latest goings on in Sonoma Valley and the wine world. And finally, Patrick Llerena of Iridesse Winery Consulting joins in, talking about our dear president’s food preferences in St. Helena, everyone’s take on the WITS conference last July, and what he’s up to in the Wine 2.0 space.

Another fine, fine episode for your listening pleasure! If you like it, tell a friend!

Mentions in this episode:

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  • Iridesse Wines [link]
  • Iridesse Winery Consulting [link]
  • Oenophilus [link]

1 comment for “Snooth, WITS, Iridesse (oh my!)

  1. August 5, 2008 at 1:59 pm

    Hey guys, Smoke here… Chairman of WITS, Wine 2.0 etc… glad you guys came to our conference…. glad you spoke about it a bit, and really interested in hearing last weeks interviews of attending companies which I missed. I'm not sure you guys got some of the key themes/points of the main session but would love to get more specific about what you did not like or think useful. The fishbowl marketing presentation was about a lot more than email. They reach more consumers than any blogger in the wine world. It is about wineries figuring out how to reach more consumers (the medium does not matter). To your point about Gary… Gary V was a keynote last year. He is also hosting our Wine 2.0 New York event Sep 18. I'd love to discuss all of this with you on a future show, let me know and I'll either met up or call in.

    Kind Regards,


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