Ziggy The Wine Gal, And The Bloggers Of Wine

Kaz and Randy overcome the rough spots with Talkshoe to pull off a great show, with Ziggy The Wine Gal (who is a true wine entrepreneur) and the team that put together the European Wine Bloggers Conference in Spain at the end of August. Then our intrepid hosts riff on a variety of local topics. As a bonus, the podcast episode is eleven glorious minutes longer than you can get by listening to KSVY! Eleven more minutes of Kaz and Randy, what could be better?

  • Ziggy The Wine Gal [link]
  • European Wine Bloggers Conference 2008 [link]
  • Robert McIntosh’s Wine Conversation [link]
  • Ryan and Gabriella Opaz’s Catavino [link]
  • Vinus TV (click the “EWBC” button for video of EWBC) [link]
  • Heart of Sonoma Valley’s Spotlight on Zinfandel [link]
  • Wine Bloggers Conference this October [link]

1 comment for “Ziggy The Wine Gal, And The Bloggers Of Wine

  1. gabriellaopaz
    September 16, 2008 at 8:32 am

    It was great fun to be on your show, despite the minor Max Syndrome effect 😉 Thanks for having us on!

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