Leaving The Nest

What happens when a large wine company spins off a business unit on its own? Find out when Kaz and Randy talk to August Sebastiani, soon-to-be President of The Other Guys, which until the end of the year is a part of Don Sebastiani & Sons.

Here’s an excerpt from the SFGate.com article talking about the sale of Sebastiani Vineyards and Winery at the end of 2008 [link]:

“I designed our family business so that different pieces can be easily broken off,” said Don Sebastiani, who has two sons, a daughter and five grandchildren. “I mean, how do you pass along a family business when you are one mom and dad and you have, say, three kids? You give each 20 percent and run the risk they will have a difference of opinion and want to pull the business in three different directions? In some ways, you want your kids to have differences of opinion.”

Our intrepid hosts also introduce our new (albeit probationary — gotta keep him on his toes) Associate Producer, Dominic Mauro and spend a little time getting to know him. And Randy finds the best wine blog post ever.

Finally, Randy has a little quality time with Gary Vaynerchuk, talking about his entirely-business-oriented-but-also-social-media-brand-building-blueprint book Crush It! and not going fanboy on GV!

(Note: due to powers beyond our control, the audio is a bit, um, interesting in spots, particularly when Randy and/or Kaz speak loudly. Sadly, this is most of the time in the first two segments.)