Go For The Bowling

Hospice du Rhône 2010

Boy is back, and Kaz and Randy rejoice by inviting Sondra Bernstein (of The Girl And The Fig) and Faith Wells (of Hospice du Rhône) into the studio to talk about the upcoming HdR event! Lots of other events popping up all around as well. Heck, it’s just that time of year, people!

As one listener says, it’s “reDONKulous“!

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  1. April 11, 2010 at 6:22 am

    Great show and very hilarious. I'm hoping to make my way down to HdR this year, as well.
    If I'm not mistaken however, you never talked about the awesome iPhone/iPod Touch HdR app! It's incredible, I'm completely blown away by how comprehensive and user-friendly it is!
    The iRhône: http://www.hospicedurhone.org/happenings/irhone

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