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People we have on the show.

Five Guys and Three Mics

Bryan Avila shows the attraction of Dirty Wine!It’s fast! It’s furious! It’s the frenetic pace of passing a scarce resource (aka microphones) between several people who all want to talk!

Kaz and Randy have their good friend (and sommelier) John Burdick visit and do what he does best: taste wine and talk about it. What wine, you ask? It’s supplied by Bryan Avila, instructor and winemaker at Napa Valley College’s Viticulture & Winery Technology department. Our most excellent hosts chat him up about the program over at NVC, the bonded winery they just created, and the first bonded vintage they’re releasing. Did you know they’re planning a tasting room? You will once you listen to this episode! Get crackin’!

Jonesin’ for Bonny Grahms

Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon VineyardPerhaps our most obscure episode title to date! Is it more obvious than we think it is? Let us know!

Your favorite wine radio hosts have a conversation with Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon Vineyard, talking about his history and what makes him tick. They also have Hardy Wallace, recent hire of Murphy-Goode’s “A Really Goode Job” search, who describes the press conference and generally gets to hang and enjoy some wine while our boys flap their gums.

As an added bonus, they summarize WITS from last week in about two minutes: Facebook and Twitter, mud wrestling! Only Wine Biz Radio brings the sexy to your wine industry-loving ears!

While The Boys Are Off At WITS

Adon Kumar, The Face of Wine-Searcher.comUsing their amazing time-bending powers, Kaz & Randy are simultaneously at the Wine Industry Technology Symposium (WITS) in Napa while this show is podcast to your ears! Amazing!

The Biodynamic Duo invite Adon Kumar, President of, a rare survivor of the first “dot-com” bubble and the oldest search engine devoted to helping consumers find the wine they want at the best price. The question, “but how do you make money?” keeps coming up, bonus points for the first comment that says how many times they have to ask Adon!

The Kickback Show

Ziggy The Wine Gal Makes Bedroom EyesKaz shows his greedy side! While he’s busy lining his pockets from product mentions, Randy at least maintains journalistic independence and invites old friend (of Kaz’s at least) Ziggy “The Wine Gal” Eschliman to the studios to talk about what it is to be a “Rock ‘n Roll Wine Amabassador”. She even gives her summertime wine recommendations, and we approve!

It’s another absolutely riveting hour of Wine Biz Radio!

Vinquiring Minds Want To Know

Vinquiry, for all your wine geeky needs!And now, for all of you who want to get your wine geek on, Kaz and Randy welcome John Katchmer to sit in with them and discuss the unpredictable lifestyle of a wine lab enologist. We discover John’s radio personality alter ego! His connection to Hollywood! The Vinquiry Lonely Hearts Winemaker Hotline! That, and so much more, you need to listen to believe!


Hey, you… Vino, come over here…Kaz invents another new word! In the meantime, he and Randy have a nice session with Rick Breslin of Hello Vino, talking about their iPhone application, what Vintank thinks of them, and what’s in their pipeline. Then their ears turn to Eric Arnold, deputy lifestyle editor at Forbes and author of First Big Crush, who riffs about the appalling state of the Australian wine industry and the lesson that is being missed by the rest of the worldwide wine industry.

Freaky good times, and the podcast is a full ten minutes longer than the radio broadcast! You’re welcome!