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People we have on the show.

Covert Without The ‘T’

Remember, it rhymes with “Groovy”Kaz and Randy play host to Cruvee CEO Evan Cover and discuss their business, their service, and some interesting new features in their pipeline. Then it all devolves into the shuck-and-jive that Kaz and Randy are (in)famous for!

Academy of Wine Cavemen

Mike Wangbickler, CavemanWhat do you do when a caveman comes calling? Sit him in the chair like everyone else and ask him some questions! Mike Wangbickler, PR professional, wine industry blogger, and executive director of the re-imagined Academy of Wine Communications talks about wine PR, and a little get together at the end of June aimed at getting wine writers some paying gigs! All that, and more current events than you can shake a wet cork at!

Logisticus Interruptus

Wine Bloggers Conference!What happens when a vital wine industry service melts down? Well, it certainly makes for interesting radio! Learn as Kaz and Randy talk with Spencer Kinch from Bacchus Fulfillment regarding the New Vine Logistics shutdown. Then our heroes get on with the show they meant to do!

Allan Wright from Zephyr Adventures, one of the co-organizers of the upcoming Wine Bloggers’ Conference talks all about the conference, including key changes from last years agenda. Then our #1 fan Thea tells us about the scholarships that went to deserving “citizen” wine bloggers in order to get them to the conference! Please consider contributing so that even more bloggers can be helped out in these “interesting times.”

As usual, it’s jam packed with good stuff for your podcast pleasure!

Yo Quiero TAPAS

Tempranillo Advocates, Producers and Amigos SocietyKaz y Randy hablan con Jeff “El Jefe” Stai de Twisted Oak Winery en Calaveras. ¡Muy bien! (this pretty much sums up my years of Spanish lessons)

El Jefe talks about his winery, his tasting room, “A Really Twisted Job” and the TAPAS Grand Tasting coming up in June!

Will cliQ For Wine CEO Lloyd Benedict calls in to discuss with Kaz and Randy the public beta of their new service called winecliQ, their business model and then puts in shameless plugs for all kinds of things! Our ethics-o-meters were off the chart! Or perhaps that was just Randy with his finger in the light socket.

Excellent information for the wine bloggers, small wineries and just about everyone else too!

Murphy (Goode)’s Law

Dave Ready Goes VikingKaz and Randy have Dave Ready Jr. from Murphy-Goode in studio to talk about their wine as well as this little thing about a wine blogging job for $10,000 a month. Then they turn to the Dirty South to talk to Hardy Wallace about his candidacy for “A Really Goode Job”, which impressed us so much we decided to endorse Hardy for the job (go and vote)! Finally, Randy shows he really can play audio from his laptop. Brett Favre as a Viking? You’ll have to listen to understand!