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Report Card For Social Wine

Vintank / Muscardini CellarsWhat an awesome week! Kaz and Randy are joined by Michael Muscardini of Muscardini Cellars and over the phone lines by Paul Mabray of Vintank. Paul gives the highlights of Vintank’s recently released social media report and Michael talks about his Italian-styled wines. Lump in some interesting news, and it’s another lip-smacking edition of Wine Biz Radio!

Of Wine And Peanut Butter

Tom Wark, Melancholy Wine BloggerTom Wark comes to play with Kaz and Randy, talking all the latest lip-smacking peanut-buttery wine industry goodness, not the least of which is the answer to that timeless question: chunky or creamy? Tom even provides his best advice to Robert Parker: get a publicist. Prepare yourself for the best hour of wine radio on the Internet!

Wine Blogging For Dollars

Josh “Moneybags” HermsmeyerDid you know that Josh Hermsmeyer (aka Pinotblogger) wants to give you a thousand bucks? Kaz and Randy get you the answers you need to cash in! That, and all the latest goings on in the wine world! Don’t miss it!

Sounds Like ‘Ogg’

Don and Sons LogoAugust Sebastiani is in the hizzy! Kaz and Randy play host to a longtime supporter of the show on the radio, Don Sebastiani & Sons. We catch up with all the latest and greatest and discuss their business model and what 2009 holds in store for them.

Then The Enigmatic James Crawford pays another visit to our intrepid hosts and gives further hints on and Texas wines!

Shoulder To Shoulder Winos

Budbreak has come! Warm weather and longer days are here! Randy has a weak moment where he acknowledges his homebrew beer hobby has reawakened. Kaz and Randy have Abdi Humphries from Wine 2.0 in the studio to rap about the Wine 2.0 Expo taking place at the Crushpad urban winery in San Francisco on April 2nd. And all this with only minimal shuck-and-jive!

Hunting For Easter Eggs

Kaz is back! He’s home from Loreto Bay, and he brought the luck of the Irish to his favorite podcast producer. Both Kaz and Randy play host to Lewis Purdue, investigative reporter of the wine industry and author of 20 books, most of them thrillers(!) The conversation ranges, but one thing is for certain: Wine Biz Radio is back and it’s as raw as ever!