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It’s about the wineries, right?

Playing Catch-Up

After a couple weeks out of town, Kaz comes home and plays catch-up with Randy on several topics, some even wine-related! They chat about the Chicago scene with Doug from Chicago Pinot, discuss sparkling wine production, and talk with a random listener who wandered into the Talkshoe conference, curious about wine! Tons of upcoming event info and plans for the Wine Bloggers Conference this October round out this up-to-date episode of Wine Biz Radio. Enjoy!

  • Chicago Pinot [link]
  • Northern California Sparkling Wine Producers
  • The Wine Spies [link]
  • California Wine Events [link]
  • Wine Bloggers Conference [link]
  • Wine Biz Radio’s Talkshoe Conference Page [link]

The Legacy Of Dad’s Wine (WBW#48)

Belatedly, Randy and Kaz examine the winery and wine that Randy first remembered seeing his parents lay down in the hall closet all those many years ago. Following Lenn Thompson‘s fourth anniversary Wine Blogging Wednesday theme of “Back To Your Roots“, Randy and Kaz have a look at the Clos Du Val 2005 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Their opinions are high at first taste, but after the usual 20-minute break, watch out!

Mix in the usual Kaz and Randy shuck-and-jive, and you have yourself a good time!

  • Clos Du Val’s website [link]
  • Fact sheet for this wine [link]