Welcome, Tweet-head!

Thanks a ton for taking the time to come visit us from the most amazing time-sink known to mankind! We’re glad you came by, and since you’re here, perhaps you’re interested in learning a bit more about us!

We love Twitter! As of late September 2010, we are well north of 7,000 followers, and a little over two years after starting down the Twitter path, we’re happy to say that it’s been a sobering (no pun intended) experience, and being open and receptive to the online community of wine has been rewarding both in friendships, fun and (wouldn’t you know it) money!

We’ll let you in on our secret: what interests you, interests us. Between Kaz, Randy and Christophe, we have an amazing breadth of knowledge and expertise in both wine and technology, and we use that knowledge to help all of our friends and listeners learn how to use the crazy anarchy of social media to their advantage.

Below are a selection of shows that we think are particularly telling of our unique style and show our ability to inform and entertain at the same time. We are lauded for having the newest and brightest stars in the online wine world as our guests on the show, and we manage in our goofy way to ferret out useful nuggets of information on their business, their strategies, and what makes them tick. So, click a link and enjoy!

Bottoms up!